Benefits of Digital X-Rays

X-rays have long played an important role in diagnosing and treating a range of dental issues and irregularities. For decades, film x-rays were a staple in dental practices around the world.While traditional x-rays are still an effective way for dental professionals to identify potential problems in a patient’s mouth and jaw, there are many benefits to using a digital x-ray system.

Here at the practice of Drs. Falbo, Monday, & Graziani, PLLC we are proud to utilize digital x-ray technology to enhance the level of care we provide patients.

How do digital x-rays work?

Instead of using photographic film, digital x-rays systems use sensors to produce an image. On the opposite side of the sensor, a digital receptor captures the incoming x-ray, which is then converted into a digital image and sent to a computer. Unlike a conventional x-ray which must be developed in a darkroom, a digital x-ray can be viewed almost immediately.

Digital Radiography vs. Traditional X-Rays

In addition to the significant reduction in development time, there are many advantages to choosing a dentist who utilizes digital radiography in their practice.

Reduces Your Exposure to Radiation

A digital x-ray system does not produce as much radiation as conventional x-rays, so your exposure is dramatically decreased. This is further enhanced by the fact that a digital system can produce images a lot faster, which also cuts down on radiation exposure. We also utilize lead aprons to minimize your exposure.

Produces Higher Quality Images

Using a digital x-ray system allows us to better diagnose and identify dental problems early because it produces more detailed pictures. This includes cavities, cysts, tumors, bone loss, tooth decay, and other issues. The higher quality of images also reduces the number of re-takes, as images can easily be enhanced and we gain a more detailed, precise picture of your teeth right from the start.

Eliminates Hazardous Chemicals & Exposure to Fumes

Film-based x-rays require a variety of materials and equipment to develop the image. This include film developer and fixer solutions, film, and film holders. The process of developing film exposes a dental professional to fumes as well as harmful chemicals. By eliminating the need for these chemicals, it creates a safer environment for the dental healthcare team, and can help the practice save on its bottom lines — and those savings can be directed toward further enhancing patient care. For many practices, the darkroom can be converted for other uses.

Saving Patients & Dentists Time

With digital radiography systems, long gone are the days of waiting for film to develop. Because a digital system automatically sends the images to a computer, the x-rays can be viewed by your dental healthcare team, and they can make a more efficient diagnosis. In addition, it can also decrease how long your dental exams take.

Easily Send X-Rays to Outside Specialists

In the past, if your dentist wanted to send your x-rays to an outside specialist — or if your insurance company requested a copy — a separate copy would have to be made, which can often result in a lower quality image. Because your x-rays can be stored digitally, your radiographs can be sent via email and the image quality will not be compromised. In addition, your x-rays can easily be enlarged to examine specific parts of the image.

Committed to the Highest Quality Patient Care

From our beginning, our practice has been focused on providing our patients with the care and treatments they deserve. We strive to provide you and your family with state-of-the-art care and technology. It is our goal to help you and your loved ones achieve and maintain your best dental health, no matter what stage of life you are in.

For more information about our practice or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 304-343-1216 to reach our Charleston office or 304-562-6301 to reach our Hurricane office.


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